Driving anxiety, also known as vehophobia, typically happens as a result of being in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of whether you were the driver or the passenger. But fear of driving doesn’t solely affect those who’ve been in accidents, and people can develop driving anxiety for other reasons.

Whatever the case, driving anxiety can have an extremely negative effect on your life, impacting your mental health, decreasing your quality of life, significantly limiting your autonomy, and leading to social isolation, work-related problems, or even relationship issues.

At the same time, fear of driving can also make driving unsafe by causing physical symptoms that can impair driving performance, making it even more dangerous to be behind the wheel.

So, whether you’re seeking ICBC counselling after a motor vehicle accident, or are dealing with driving anxiety for any other reason, I can help you to overcome these issues by teaching you how to process the traumatic experiences you’ve endured, and slowly getting you used to the idea of driving again through the use of graduated exposure therapy.

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